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Streaming music event

10th Memorial for Japan Earthquake

"We Will Never Forget You"


For the day we will never forget, we are sending our messages and songs, believing in the power of music.


Ten years have passed since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku (northeastern regions of Japan ) occurred. 


During these ten years Japan also suffered from a big earthquake in Kumamoto and numerous disasters caused by heavy rain in many regions. 

Soon after each disaster, many performing artists visited the disaster-stricken regions or sent their compassion, believing in “the power of music” and provided numerous charity services.  They all shared the victims’ “sorrow” and “pain” and gave sincere support and encouragement.


It all started when the Hanshin Awaji ( Kobe ) Earthquake happened 28 years ago.

Every time a woeful disaster struck, we pulled ourselves together and put our forces together, trying to overcome the desperate situations.  And every time we were reminded of the power of music that brings consolations, smiles and hopes to our world.


I am one of the witnesses of these happenings.


Now the whole world has become the disaster region, and the pandemic is preventing us from coming together physically.

However, by keeping our “never-give-up” spirit, we are holding our ever-eager hands once again with our supportive fellow musicians to bring our music and encouragement to all of you folks in the Tohoku regions in this unique way, renewing our vow that we will never forget you.  

Producer  Naomi Suzuki 

Online Memorial Music Event:

Time: March 11, 2021 ( Thursday )  

12pm UK Time

9pm  Japan Time   ↓  Click here


Our show will present Mari Natsuki, Yuki Koyanagi and Hitomi Yaida --- popular singers who all came to join us at our fund-raising concert held in London soon after the earthquake / tsunami devastation in Tohoku.  The program will also feature many other England-based artists along with Tohoku and Kumamoto musicians and people involved with the disasters and the recovery work.  They will deliver their messages as well as music.


Scheduled performers ( Music and Message )

Mari Natsuki, Yuki Koyanagi, Hitomi Yaida, Bluey ( incognito ),Joji Hirota, Nobu Saito, the voice of Love, Human Note, Takefumi Asano, Setsuo Kaidou, Tsuneyoshi Sasaki & His Students, Play For Kumamoto, Omu-Rice Factory ( child performers ),  Mirai-e-tsunagu Choir ( Fukushima Children Choir )


* Selected people of Minami-Sanriku ( Miyagi ), Rikuzen-Takata ( Iwate ) and Shichigahama ( Miyagi ) will share their traumatic memories and express their hopes for future recovery as they watch video clips, past and present. 

Postponement of our Memorial event at the Houses of Parliament ever since we held our 5th memorial of the Northwest Japan Earthquake at Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom in 2015.

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s 10th anniversary event must be rescheduled though it has been under preparation.  

We, of course, are determined to carry out the event when this situation has improved in the future.

We certainly appreciate your continuous support of this event.

Joint announcement from the London Shakunage Kai ( Global Fukushima People’s Association ) and Naomi Suzuki


For the past ten years, Naomi Suzuki and the Fukushima Kenjin-kai have been working closely together in England for the charity work for the sake of the Northwest Japan Earthquake victims.

This time, with the assistance from the Fukushima Kenjin-kai, we are going to present our two-part program, earnestly expressing our sincere compassion “We will never forget you.” ( Delivered in Part 1 )


Translator: Aurther ​Nakane

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