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Hello My name is Naomi Suzuki

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I want to use the power of music to help children and those who have lost hope for life all over the world.


2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Charity Concert (with Mari Natsuki and Yuki Koyanagi). Donation destination: full amount to "Sendai's "Totte Okino Ongakusai" festival".


2011~ Sales of her CD "Mother". Relief money destination Full amount donation.

2015 British Parliament Building, Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial. Donation destination: Full amount to "Children's Genki Smile Project".

2016 London bridge project. Relief money was sent to Full amount to "Children's Genki Smile Project"

A Charity concert to support Nepal earthquake reconstruction. Destination of donation Donated 200 bags to an elementary school in Nepal.


2017 "MINA no CHIKARA" (Everyone's power)" concert to support recovery from heavy rains in northern Kyushu. Donation destination: Full amount to "Soeda Town, Fukuoka Prefecture".


Japan tour to support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Destination of donation: Full amount to "Niji no Kakehashi World".


2018 A charity live event to support heavy rains in western Japan at the Fukuoka prefecture government office.

Relief money destination: full amount to Fukuoka prefecture office


2020 Kumamoto heavy rain charity distribution event. Donation destination: full amount to NPO Your Action.


2021 Great East Japan Earthquake 10th Memorial Streaming event (with Mari Natsuki, Yuki Koyanagi, Hitomi Yaida, Incognito, Tohoku artists). Destination for donations Free delivery without donation.


Save the Kids project "Smiles and future for children" # full amount NPO Your Action, Children's Cafeteria KAKECOMI, Donated to Film "Ari Fureta Mirai" (movie production cost that raised the issue of children's suicide)


2022 2011 ・Great East Japan Earthquake 11th Memorial Distribution Tonga Support Project "Malo Tonga" (Yuki Koyanagi, Chikuzen Sato, Hitomi Yaida, Shigeru Matsuzaki, Ryoma Quartet, etc.) The full amount was donated to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga in Japan.

・JINRIKI Project A project to send 500 wheelchairs converted into rickshaws to Ukraine All proceeds donated to JINRIKI Co., Ltd.

                        Naomi Suzuki Profile

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, she has held charity concerts in over 100 locations such as temporary housing, care homes, schools, nurseries, prefectural offices, etc. in the Tohoku region, Kumamoto, and her home prefecture of Fukuoka, with the theme of "finding the strength to keep living, through song" (ongaku de ikiru chikara) to help raise the spirits of people affected by natural disasters. All proceeds are donated and continue to support aid work. Held the first Japanese concert at the British Houses of Parliament (Great East Japan Earthquake Support Concert), appeared in the “Nepal Earthquake 1 Year Memorial Concert” in Nepal, visited refugee camps and elementary schools, and donated school satchels (Nepal). In addition to receiving the “International Friendship Award” from the Minister of Labour), she is actively engaged in charitable work overseas. Her activities were recognised and she sang the national anthem in May 2018, at a professional baseball game in Sendai (“Tohoku Pride Day” pledging reconstruction), and again in 2019, at a match between the Softbank Hawks vs. Hanshin Tigers at the “Yafuoku! Dome. She was further recognised as a special supporter of the Rugby World Cup host city in 2019, for her activities promoting the Rugby World Cup around the world and performed the Rugby World Cup theme song at the send-off party, held at the British Houses of Parliament.

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